McDonald's raises prices of some products

Starting March 14, McDonald's will revise the retail price of some items by 10 to 20 yen. This applies to "Hamburger," "Cheeseburger," "Double Cheeseburger," "Teriyaki McBurger," etc.

The price revision is the result of careful consideration in response to the recent sharp rise in prices of wheat, beef and other raw materials, as well as labor and distribution costs. There will be no change in the retail prices of approximately 80% of all items, including "Big Mac," "McFly Fries," "Happy Set," and the weekday lunch value set (Value Lunch).

The list of products subject to price revision (in-store prices) is as follows. Prices on the left are until March 13, and prices on the right are after March 14.

Hamburger 110 yen → 130 yen
Cheeseburger 140 yen → 160 yen
Chicken crisp 110 yen → 130 yen
Double cheeseburger 340 yen → 350 yen
Teriyaki McBurger 340 yen → 350 yen
Filet-O-Fish 340 yen → 350 yen
Sausage muffin 110 yen → 130 yen
Chicken crisp muffin 140 yen → 160 yen
McGriddle sausage 150 yen → 170 yen
McShake S size (vanilla, strawberry, chocolate) 120 yen → 130 yen
McFlurry Oreo cookies 240 yen → 250 yen
Chicken McNuggets 15 pieces 580 yen → 590 yen
Side salad 280 yen → 290 yen

Also on March 14, the prices of the delivery service "McDelivery" and "McCafe by Barista," which offers authentic cafe coffee and sweets, will also be partially revised.