Anko and "Anko Chocolat"

From the sweets brand "Anko", which features "Anko" as the main character, the new Anko sweets "Anko Chocolat", which is perfect for Valentine's Day, will be on sale at the online shop. The release date is January 15th. The price is 1,296 yen + shipping for 5 tablets (MILK 2, RUBY 1, GOLD 1, DARK 1), and 1,944 for 8 (MILK 2, RUBY 2, GOLD 2, DARK 2). Yen + shipping (both including tax).

Anko chocolate

"Anko Chocolat", which is based on the image of Japanese sweets "Ankotama", is a dish unique to the Anko brand that combines chocolate with anko as the main character. It is a homemade anko made from four types of chocolate: milk, ruby, caramel, and dark. I wrapped it carefully one by one. It is a high-quality adult sweet that you can fully enjoy the deliciousness of the bean paste and chocolate ingredients. For the azuki bean paste, we used azuki beans with an elegant taste from Tokachi, Hokkaido, and for the white bean paste, we used the flavorful white azuki beans from Okayama and Bitchū, which are also called the finest brands. When cooled in the refrigerator, the texture of chocolate will be enhanced, and you can enjoy smooth melting in the mouth at room temperature.

The mellow milk chocolate ganache is gently wrapped in homemade red bean paste. It is soft, delicate, melts in the mouth, and has a high-quality taste. I put pistachio on the accent and finished it colorfully.

A berry-like fruity and refreshing flavor and a beautiful pink ruby chocolate ganache wrapped in red bean paste. You can enjoy the crispy texture by coating ruby chocolate on the finish.

Creamy and rich caramel chocolate with white bean paste. The beautiful shade of beige gold ganache has a slightly salty taste, reminiscent of salted caramel.

70% cacao dark chocolate wrapped in red bean paste and sprinkled with fragrant roasted almonds. The sweetness of the bean paste is in harmony with the bittersweet chocolate, and you can enjoy the flavor and texture of the nuts.