Nekoneko Cheesecake "Nekoneko Tiramisu"

Neko Neko Cheesecake, Valentine's Day products "Valentine Nyan Chi 4 Pieces", "Finyan She Chocolat" and "Neko Neko Tiramisu" will be released on January 22nd.

Valentine Nyan Chi 4 pieces

A set where you can enjoy a comparison of "Nyanchi Black," which is a combination of a refreshing cheesecake and rich cacao, and "Nyanchi Ichigo," which allows you to enjoy the sweet and sour taste of strawberries. A heart-shaped cheesecake is also included, which is recommended as a Valentine's gift. The price is 1,080 yen per set (tax included, same below). The sale period is from January 22nd to February 14th.

Cat Cat Cheesecake "Valentine's Day Nyan Chi 4 Pieces"

Finyan She Chocolat

A chocolate version of the popular baked confectionery "Finyanche" in the shape of a cute cat is now available. The rich buttery taste and the sweet aroma of cocoa spread softly. It's a cute palm-sized item, so it's perfect for a handy Valentine's gift. The price is 216 yen per piece. Sold from January 22nd to all year.

Nekoneko Cheesecake "Finyanche Chocolat"

Neko Neko Tiramisu

"Neko Neko Tiramisu" will reappear for a limited time on Valentine's Day. A mousse using mascarpone cheese is layered on a sponge soaked with coffee syrup, and topped with cocoa powder and coffee powder. You can enjoy the smooth melting and bitter taste. The price is 2,430 yen per piece. The sale period is from January 22nd to February 14th.

Nekoneko Cheesecake "Nekoneko Tiramisu"