Fukuoka's long-established Japanese sweets shop Nyosui-an "Ichigo Daifuku"

"Ichigo Daifuku" will be released on January 6th from Fukuoka's long-established Japanese sweets shop "Nyosui-an". The sale period is until the end of March. Sold at 22 directly managed stores, mail order, and EC sites. The price is 238 yen for roses, 972 yen for 4 pieces, 1,458 yen for 6 pieces, and 2,430 yen for 10 pieces (all including tax).

Josui-an "Ichigo Daifuku"

The goodness and balance of each material is the reason for the deliciousness of Ichigo Daifuku. I choose and use strawberries that have the best taste and aroma at that time, and the ones that are the most delicious in Daifuku. The flavorful and smooth white bean paste is a unique homemade taste created by anko craftsmen with all their heart. And soft mochi. Daifuku is a commitment that has not changed since it was sold for over 30 years.

Chikushi Kasho Nyosui-an

In the olden days, it has been used as a shrine and temple offering training center for offering sweets to shrines and temples. While preserving the traditional techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation, we are devoting ourselves to making Japanese sweets while incorporating the old and new wisdom and the present.

Japanese sweets are called the art of the five senses, but there are "Tsukushi Mochi", "Tottoto" with a pleasant sense of language, seasonal Daifuku that wraps the seasons such as strawberries, grapes, and chestnuts, and other seasonal sweets. We have prepared Japanese sweets that you can enjoy with all five senses.

* On sale from January 2nd at the online store