Kanro "Candemina Gumi Grape Myo"

From the Kanro "Candemina Gumi" series, "Kandemina Gumi Grape Meio" will be on sale, where you can enjoy the overwhelming presence of grapes by overlapping the two layers of grapes and muscat. The price is 130 yen (tax included).

Kanro's popular product "Candemina Gumi" has a unique shape and has become a hot topic on SNS. The hard texture created by the unique shape is gaining popularity mainly among younger generations and business people.

Candemina Grape Grape Myo

"Kandemi Nagumi Grape Myo" is a gummy with an image of Fudo Myo that blows away the loneliness of the fall and winter season like a flame. It brings brightness and enjoyment to the mind and body, which tend to get darker as the hours of sunshine decrease and the temperature drops.

The gummy grain adopts the original "burning grape type" that imaged Fudo Myoo. A new manufacturing method that superimposes the taste of gummy on two layers has realized a novel and new shape.

The taste is "layered grape soda taste" where grapes and muscat overlap, and you can enjoy a rich and punchy taste.

The package is also designed with the momentum of Candemina, which is comparable to the impactful product name.