Donk "Christmas Fair 2nd"

The "Christmas Fair 2nd" will be held from December 1st to December 25th at each Donq store. "Janduya Chocolat" "Brioche Noisette Caramelize" "White Chocolate and Brioche Brioche" "Bacon and Olive" "Red Wine Made Beef Stew with Two Cheeses" "Chicken Fricassee" "Cream Cheese and Cranberry" Appearance. In addition, the popular limited-quantity product "Chestnut Stollen" will be on sale from December 5th.

Donk "Christmas Fair 2nd"

Gianduja Chocolat

Donk "Gianduja Chocolat"

A dish of soft bread with chocolate and chocolate cream with nuts. Recommended bread for chocolate lovers. The price is 432 yen (tax included, same below), 1/2 216 yen.

Brioche noisette caramelize

Donk "Brioche Noisette Caramelize"

A dish that goes well with the fragrance of almond cream and caramel on fluffy bread. The crispy hazelnuts accentuate the texture. The price is 303 yen.

White chocolate and berry brioche

Donk "White chocolate and berry brioche"

A fluffy bread with almond cream and sweet and sour raspberry jam. The price is 260 yen.

Bacon and olives

Donk "Bacon and Olives"

Bread that you can enjoy the harmony of 3 kinds of cheese, bacon and olives. The price is 756 yen and 1/2 378 yen.

Two kinds of beef stew made with red wine with cheese ~

Donk "Two kinds of cheese made with red wine beef stew"

Bread baked with cheese fondue sauce, godder cheese, and mozarella cheese topping on a rich beef stew using red wine. The price is 303 yen.

Chicken fricassee

Donk "Chicken Fricassee"

Bread inspired by French home-cooked "Fricasse". Wrapped in a cream stew with chicken and mushrooms and baked, it is a perfect item for winter. The price is 281 yen.

Cream cheese and cranberries

Donk "Cream Cheese and Cranberries"

Bread with cranberries and walnuts wrapped in cream cheese with honey and sweet and sour raspberry jam and baked. The price is 249 yen.

Chestnut stollen

Donk "Chestnut Stollen"

A slightly cafe-flavored Stollen baked with loose chestnuts. The texture is accented with walnuts and almonds, creating a product with a deep chestnut and savory nutty aroma. The price is 2,376 yen.

2022 Donk original calendar gift

Donk "2022 Donk Original Calendar Present"

From December 1st, if you purchase 1,000 yen or more including tax, you will receive the "2022 Donk Original Calendar" on a first-come, first-served basis. This calendar is a collection of works by French illustrator Claude Varennes, who has left many works such as Donk's bread bags and menu tables since he came to Japan in 1960.