Donk & Joan's Traditional European Christmas Confectionery
Christmas fair in Germany and Joan! Various traditional European sweets

The well-established bakeries "Donq" and "Joan" will hold a "Christmas Fair" where you can enjoy Advent until Christmas. Traditional sweets from all over Europe will be available at this time of year. The period from December 1st to 25th is applicable.

In addition to traditional European sweets, bread that decorates the Christmas table will be sold at Donk and Joan respectively.

Donk & Joan Christmas Fair
In addition to traditional sweets, sweets bread and side dish bread that color the table

Christmas sweets

Donk & Joan Christmas Fair
Christmas panettone

First of all, "Christmas Panettone" will be introduced, in which Panettone, which has a custom of giving to friends and relatives in Italy, is put in a Christmas season limited gift box. The price is 2,160 yen (tax included, same below).

Egg yolk, butter, and special cultured yeast called liebite are used, and dried fruits such as sultana raisins, orange peel, and citron peel are mixed with a soft dough that has been slowly fermented and baked into a dome shape.

Donk & Joan Christmas Fair

The traditional German confectionery "Stollen", which is baked with dried fruits and nuts, is also available. In addition to the hall, there is also a trial size with 2 slices, and the prices are 1,836 yen and 432 yen, respectively.

Donk & Joan Christmas Fair
2 slices of Stollen

Donk and Joan's Stollen have been revamped from the 2019 edition into a more traditional shape with bumps and dips. While leaving the moist texture inside, you can enjoy the refreshing feeling on the outside.

Donk & Joan Christmas Fair

In addition, a typical Christmas traditional confectionery "Bella Becca" from the Alsace region of France, where Western liquor is effective, will be sold only at some Joan stores. The price is 2,160 yen.

In the sense of "pear bread", the leading role of dried fruits is mainly pears, prunes, white figs, lemon cuts, apricots and raisins, and walnuts and almonds are added to the texture accents. .. In addition, spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg and kirsch are scented. You can purchase at 6 locations: "Sapporo Johan Store", "Ginza Johan Store", "Nihonbashi Johan Store", "Sakae Johan Store", "Hiroshima Johan Store", and "Fukuoka Johan Store".

Donk bread

The breads of the Christmas fair lined up in Donk are as follows.

Donk & Joan Christmas Fair
Beef stew made with red wine-with two types of cheese-

"Red wine-style beef stew-with two types of cheese-" is 303 yen. A rich beef stew made with red wine, topped with cheese fondue sauce, Gouda cheese, and mozarella cheese.

Donk & Joan Christmas Fair
Basil-scented chicken galette

"Basil-scented chicken galette" is 303 yen. Basil paste is applied on top of the basil-scented dough, and chicken slices, grilled tomatoes, and green olives are colorfully placed to create a galette-like finish.

Donk & Joan Christmas Fair
Cheese bolognese

"Cheese Bolognese" is 281 yen. The tomato-based bolognese is topped with mozarella cheese, making it a rich and satisfying dish.

Donk & Joan Christmas Fair
Berry Berry Christmas

"Berry Berry Christmas" is 260 yen. It is topped with cheese cream and strawberry jam, and is topped with mixed berries as an accent. A dish that goes well with the rich cheese cream and the acidity of berries.

Donk & Joan Christmas Fair
Caramel-style chocolate wreath (cinnamon flavor)

"Caramel-style chocolate wreath (cinnamon flavor)" is 540 yen. The 1/2 size is also sold for 270 yen. The fluffy dough is combined with cinnamon-scented chocolate cream, and the caramel almonds are used as a topping, making it a rich dish with sweetness.

Donk & Joan Christmas Fair
Olive and brown cheese meal bread

"Olive and brown cheese meal bread" is 605 yen. In addition, 1/2 size is 303 yen. The dough contains two types of olives and cheese, topped with red cheddar, and baked fragrantly.

Joan's bread

The Christmas fair breads handled by Joan are as follows.

Donk & Joan Christmas Fair
Caramel pom

"Caramel pom" is 260 yen. It is baked with almond cream wrapped and topped with apples entwined with caramel.

Donk & Joan Christmas Fair
Iberian pork bacon and potato burgundy butter

"Iberian pork bacon and potatoes made with burgundy butter" is 303 yen. Wrapped with tasty Iberian pork bacon, Kita Akari and mushrooms, it is served with burgundy butter that goes well with meat.

Donk & Joan Christmas Fair
Grilled chicken tomato

"Grilled chicken tomato" is 303 yen. Grilled with chitin and tomato sauce, baked and served with olive oil and basil.

Donk & Joan Christmas Fair
Baked potato and Gouda cheese meal bread

"Baked potato and Gouda cheese meal bread" is 713 yen. 1/2 size is 357 yen. The mellow feeling of baked potatoes, Gouda cheese, and walnuts are suitable for Christmas dishes.

Donk & Joan Christmas Fair
Onion chicken gratin

"Onion chicken gratin" is 303 yen. Soft chicken and moist onions are mixed with white sauce, wrapped in bread with the image of gratin, and baked.

Donk & Joan Christmas Fair
The 2020 calendar will also be distributed in limited quantities

From December 1st, Donk will distribute the "2020 Donk Calendar" to those who purchase 1,000 yen or more. This is a collection of works by French illustrator Claude Varennes, who came to Japan in 1960 and has worked on many works such as Donk's bread bags and menu tables since 1964. From December 7th, Joan will distribute the "2020 Joan Calendar", which is a collection of landscape photographs of the French region, to those who purchase over 1,296 yen. The distribution quantity varies depending on the store, and will end as soon as it runs out.