Heartbread antique Christmas items

From the bakery "Heartbread Antique", new products "White chocolate and strawberry chocolate snow chocolate ring" "Shimashima stick" "Santa bread" "Snowman" "Gratin cheese Xmas" that are perfect for Christmas will be released from December 1st to December 25th. Will be sold up to. "Cheese in Baum-Strawberry-" will be on sale from December 1st to December 31st.

Snow chocolate ring of white chocolate and strawberry chocolate

Pure white chocolate ring with the image of a pure white silver world. White chocolate and strawberry chocolate are wrapped in a crispy, slightly sweet croissant dough and baked, and finished with chocolate and alazan with the image of snow. The exquisite taste that matches the melting sweetness of white chocolate with the sweet and sour taste of strawberry chocolate. The price is 810 yen per piece, SS size 540 yen (tax included, same below).

Heartbread Antique "Snow Chocolate Ring with White Chocolate and Strawberry Chocolate"

Shimashima Wand

"Shimashima", a resident of the antique world, appears as a wand during Christmas. Melon bread dough is placed on a slightly sweet dough and baked, and it is finished gorgeously with chocolate and alazan. The price is 248 yen per piece.

Heartbread antique "Shimashima Wand"

Santa bread

Bread baked with chocolate-flavored cream wrapped in a face made of slightly sweet dough. You can enjoy the difference in texture from the beard of melon bread dough. The price is 205 yen per piece.

Heartbread antique "Santa bread" "Snowman"
Santa Pan (left) and Snowman (right)


Bread made from French fabric with a lovely smile. A chocolate-flavored cream is wrapped in a round face and tummy. The price is 205 yen per piece.

Gratin cheese Xmas

Bread wrapped in dough with mushroom and chicken gratin and baked with fragrant cheese. There are two types of sauces, "Basil" and "Tomato", which are inspired by the Christmas colors of green and red. A blissful taste of Gouda cheese with a fragrant outside and a melty cheese sauce using 5 types of cheese (Gouda, mozzarella, emmental, camembert, cream cheese) combined with creamy gratin. The price is 356 yen per piece.

Heartbread Antique "Gratin Cheese Xmas"

Cheese in Baum ~ Strawberry ~

A product that is baked with cheese cream and strawberry jam, which is a combination of crispy, fluffy and rich baum, and Tochiotome juice. When warmed, the cheese cream inside melts and you can enjoy a richer mouthfeel. The price is 388 yen per piece.

Heartbread Antique "Cheese in Baum-Strawberry-"

* Prices are different at some stores.