Kameda Seika "124g Happy Turn Winter White mix"

Kameda Seika will sell "124g (4.37oz) Happy Turn Winter White Mix" for a limited time from November 9th to the end of December. The estimated price is around 400 yen (excluding tax).

A new happy turn assortment that can only be enjoyed now, with the theme of "white", which is the image color of winter, is available only in winter. "Happy Turn Winter White mix" is a gorgeous 3 kinds of mix that spreads happiness in your mouth, and you can enjoy 3 special tastes. Perfect for events such as Christmas, year-end parties, and New Year's parties.

One bag contains about 4 "White Chocolate Happy Turn", about 5 "Salt Butter Flavor", and about 17 "Happy Turn".

■ Coat a happy turn with winter-only white chocolate!
A luxurious piece with plenty of white chocolate. Because it is white chocolate, you can enjoy the deliciousness of happy powder without the bitterness of cocoa mass.

■ Rich salt butter flavor
Salt enhances the mellow butter flavor. We are particular about the balance of taste and use cheese as a secret ingredient to bring out the richness.