Morinaga Milk Industry "Philadelphia Cream Cheese 6P Scented Onion"

Morinaga Milk Industry will release "Philadelphia Cream Cheese 6P Fragrant Onion" on September 1st. The price is 320 yen (excluding tax).

Philadelphia Cream Cheese 6P Scented Onion

"Philadelphia Cream Cheese 6P Fragrant Onion" is an individually packaged cream cheese portion made by kneading fragrant roasted onions into cream cheese. You can enjoy the creamy and rich cream cheese flavor, the fragrant onion aroma, and the umami. You can eat it as it is as a snack, put it on a cracker, combine it with other ingredients, and enjoy your favorite arrangement. Uses "wrapping with handle" patented by Morinaga Milk Industry. It keeps your hands clean and is ideal for "eating while eating".

"Packaging with handle" is a unique packaging patented by Morinaga Milk Industry, which was first adopted in the "Philadelphia Cream Cheese 6P Plain" released in 2009. Born from the voice that "hands get dirty when opening", this packaging allows you to create a "handle" when opening, and you can enjoy the product without getting your hands dirty.