"Kuppi Ramune Umbrella" is now available on Villevan Online

A cute umbrella with the "Kuppi Ramune" pattern, a ramune confectionery loved by three generations of parents and children, is now on sale at Villevan Online. The price is 1,650 yen for adults and 1,320 yen for children (both including tax). The material is POE, steel, plastic.

"Kuppi Ramune" is a candy from Kakudaiseika, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2019. Introducing this time is an umbrella based on the design of the Kuppy Ramune package. There are two types, one for adults and one for children. Parents and children can enjoy link coordination with a vinyl umbrella that is studded with cute illustrations and will make going out on a rainy day fun.

[Kuppi Ramune] Umbrella Adult size is 860mm in total length, 600mm in ribs, and 1,200mm in diameter of umbrella.

[Kuppi Ramune] Umbrella The size for children is a total length of 680 mm, a rib of 500 mm, and an umbrella diameter of 1,000 mm.

"Kuppi Ramune Umbrella" is now available on Villan Online

An umbrella with a nostalgic design with a cuppy ramune pattern that parents and children will want to carry together. Even in the coming season when it rains a lot, going out will be fun.