"Kuppi Ramune Bathing Fee" Limited quantity

Cynthia will release a new product, "Kuppi Ramune Bathing Fee," in collaboration with "Kuppi Ramune," a sweet that is loved by the three generations of Kakudaiseika, which celebrated its 100th anniversary last year. Limited quantity. The price is 198 yen (tax included).

The long-selling candy "Kuppi Ramune" has become a bathing fee while keeping the retro illustration package. It looks like a big big cuppy ramune!

A faint sweet and sour ramune scent. You can also enjoy the excitement of taking sweets in the bath. Not only for yourself, but also for gifts. * The scent is just an image

"Kuppi Ramune Bathing Fee" Limited quantity

It will be released sequentially at some Village Vanguard stores and some Don Quijote stores. Online stores will start selling on the official website, ZOZOTOWN, Amazon, Rakuten Ichiba, and Yahoo! Shopping. In addition, "Online Stationery Women's Expo petit Nagoya" will be released in advance on July 17th.

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