Convenience store limited packaging "Black Thunder Minibar 145g"

From Yuraku Confectionery's "Black Thunder" series, "Black Thunder Minibar 145g (5.11oz)" will be released on May 17th. Limited to convenience stores. The price is 278 yen (tax included).

In recent years, due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, consumer needs are changing due to teleworking and working from home. Convenience stores are also being used in response to changing needs, as demand for products that can be eaten little by little, such as family-sized products, is increasing from immediate use.

The "Black Thunder Minibar" series is a family-sized product that is available at supermarkets and drug stores nationwide. Convenience store limited packaging format so that more people can enjoy eating "convenience store coffee x black thunder" by further enriching "home time" in response to increasing needs for family size at convenience stores. Products will be released.

The "Black Thunder Minibar 145g (5.11oz)" is the perfect size for when you want to eat a little. In addition, it may not be available depending on the store.