Black Thunder Mini Bar Christmas" from Yuraku Seika

Yuraku Seika Black Thunder Mini Bar Christmas

Yuraku Seika's Black Thunder series will release "Black Thunder Mini Bar Christmas. The release date is October 24. It will have a content of 191g (6.74oz) (including the individual wrappers) and an estimated price of 324 yen (tax included). Some stores may not carry the product.

Black Thunder Mini Bar Christmas

Individually packaged with six different games, Black Thunder Mini Bar can be used as a small Christmas gift.

Black Thunder Mini Bar Christmas" is a special Christmas family pack featuring cute characters on the packaging, and six different games on the individual wrappers, making it not only fun to eat, but also a great time to share with family and friends.

The individual packages also have an expiration date printed on them, so they can be used as Christmas gifts. The product is also available with a 10% increase in content for a limited time, making it ideal for parties with family and friends, and as a snack to be distributed.

This year, the packaging design and the game content of the individual wrappers have been improved and powered up, making Black Thunder Mini Bar Christmas an easy and fun way to spend Christmas.