Lisa Larson x Fairycake Fair "Cat Sable"

From the cupcake and biscuit shop "Fairy Cake Fair" produced by the confectionery researcher "Igarashi Romi", the "Cat Sable" sweets from the popular Scandinavian artist "Lisa Larson" are available. It will be released on February 22nd (Cat Day). Started accepting pre-orders on the Fairycake Fair official website. 9 pieces (3 pieces of salt, 3 pieces of butter, 3 pieces of pepper), the price is 2,700 yen (tax included). It will end as soon as it runs out.

The adorable cat familiar from Lisa Larson's work is now available as a "cat sable". All sables do not use preservatives. It has a natural taste and a freshly made flavor that fills your mouth. This is a limited edition product filled with the special feelings of Lisa Larson and Fairycake Fair. We are particular about the handmade process and materials that are typical of Fairycake Fair, and you can enjoy the original taste of the materials that you can never taste in mass production.

Lisa Larson x Fairycake Fair "Cat Sable"

・ Lisa Larson's "Cat Sable" (Salt Butter Pepper)
The original Fairycake Fair is a special baked confectionery box with 3 types of cat sables created with each taste of "salt", "butter" and "pepper". With a recipe that makes the best use of the flavor of the ingredients, the pastry chef carefully bake it and deliver the deliciousness of the freshly made.

A package that invites adorable Nordic blue cats to a fun tea time. The high-quality pasted box, which is made by applying special embossing technology to the luxurious glossy foil stamping with the texture of the cloth, has a special design that can be used on a daily basis so that you can enjoy it for a long time even after you finish eating. I am. A perfect gift for your loved one.

・ Salt salt butter flavored shortbread. Uses French Guerande salt "Fleur de sel". It is baked slowly at low temperature using a unique manufacturing method. The salty texture is unique to shortbread, and the salt grains in some places add a salty accent.

・ Butter fermented butter flavored biscuits. The rich aroma of fermented butter, which has been used generously and luxuriously, stands out. A recipe newly developed for this time in search of simple and luxurious taste. It has a crispy and light texture, and you can enjoy the rich flavor unique to fermented butter.

・ Pepper (Fairycake Fair version)
Scandinavian spice-flavored sable with cinnamon, white pepper, nutmeg and cloves. The richness of millet sugar has a fragrant, flavorful and elegant taste that makes you feel Scandinavian. Invite your tea time at home to a relaxing Scandinavian mood.