Fujiya pastry shop "Halloween cans with overlapping Peco" "Peco Nyan's sweets box"

Halloween-only gift items will be released sequentially from mid-September at the Fujiya pastry shop. Also sold at some Fujiya restaurants.

Halloween cans with overlapping peco

Assortment of "Country Ma'am", "Look" and "Milky" for Halloween. It comes in a three-tiered can designed by Peko-chan in Halloween costumes, and can be used as an accessory case after eating. The size is 83 mm in diameter and 185 mm in height. The price is 1,100 yen (tax included, same below).

Fujiya pastry shop "Halloween cans with overlapping peco"

Peco Nyan's sweets box

Assortment of Halloween-specific "Country Ma'am" and "Home Pie". It comes in a cute cat-shaped box of Peko-chan made of paper. The size is about 155 width x 155 depth x 53 mm height. The price is 648 yen.

Fujiya pastry shop "Peco Nyan's sweets box"

Halloween ornament

Assortment of Halloween-specific "Country Ma'am" and "Milky". Peko-chan in a costume is drawn on the front side of the package, and a Halloween motif is drawn on the back side. The price is 270 yen.

Fujiya pastry shop "Halloween ornament"

Halloween peco sable

A classic and popular sable in the shape of Peko's face. This is a Halloween-only package with a cute Peko-chan transformed into a ghost. The price is 500 yen. Released in mid-October.

Fujiya pastry shop "Halloween Peco Sable"