Starbucks Chilled Cup "Starbucks Ice Chai Tea Latte"

From the Starbucks Chilled Cup series, "Starbucks Ice Chai Tea Latte" will be released on March 2nd. Handling at convenience stores and supermarkets nationwide. Contains 200 ml, the estimated price is 200 yen (excluding tax).

"Starbucks Ice Chai Tea Latte" is a chai latte that is made by blending mainly Assam tea leaves that go well with chai and extracting it thoroughly over time to create a tea scent and taste that goes well with milk. You can enjoy a refreshing taste by adding the mellow spice scent of your choice and combining it with fresh-tasting milk.

From the same day, "Starbucks Cafe Latte" and "Same Espresso" will be renewed. The estimated price is 200 yen each (excluding tax).

Starbucks Chilled Cup "Starbucks Cafe Latte" "Starbucks Espresso"
Cafe latte on the left and espresso on the right

"Starbucks Cafe Latte" is a new cafe latte made by using coffee beans carefully selected by Starbucks and tasty milk, and making the best use of the deliciousness of the ingredients. You can enjoy a luxurious and gentle coffee time that brings out the taste of the ingredients and pursues the best balance with sweetness. The package design has also been completely reviewed to create an elegant finish that is packed with a good balance of coffee and milk and attention to materials.

On the other hand, "Starbucks Espresso" enhances the rich and powerful taste with a hint of sweetness and milk, and is finished in a taste that allows you to enjoy the fragrant depth of coffee. The package is a black base with illustrations of plants reminiscent of a coffee plantation, and a calm design that gives you a sense of the depth of espresso.

In commemoration of the renewal, a campaign will be held in which "digital drink tickets" that can be used at Starbucks stores will be presented. Details such as how to apply will be announced on the official Starbucks Chilled Cup website.