Kappa Sushi participates in Demae-can "Ultra Half Price Festival"

Kappa Sushi also participated in the "Ultra Half Price Festival" held by the delivery service "Demaekan" from February 19th to February 23rd. You can enjoy the target products at home at a great price.

During the period from February 19th to 23rd, if you order the "Extreme Set (1 to 6 servings)" of the target product at the "Demae-can", it will be offered at half price. The "Extreme Set" is a product packed with the finest ingredients that Kappa Sushi is proud of, such as Otoro and Tokumori Ikura. For example, for 3 people, the regular price is 5,040 yen (tax included, same below), but at the Ultra Half Price Festival, you can buy it for 2,520 yen.

In addition, a "free shipping campaign" will be held from February 24th to March 31st. If you order Kappa Sushi at the "Demae-can" during the period, the shipping fee will be free. "Extreme set (1 to 6 servings)", "Gorgeous set (1 to 6 servings)" with a little extravagant material, "Busy set (1 to 6 servings)" perfect for birthday celebrations and parties, etc. , Set products are prepared for various situations.

Kappa Sushi x Demae-can "Free Shipping Campaign"