3-color cat cat bread set

From the cat-shaped "Neko Neko Bread" series, a set of Hinamatsuri limited flavors will be on sale for a limited time. Available from February 5th at the official online store "All Hearts Mall".

Inspired by the Hinamatsuri tradition of "Hishimochi," which is said to be auspicious, a set of three-colored cat-cat bread sets in pink (strawberry), white (plain), and green (matcha) is now available. Comes with 3 chocolate pens that can be used for arrangements. It is delivered in the "Neko Neko House Large" where you can play with cats.

3-color cat cat bread set

Product information

Product name: 3-color cat cat bread set (strawberry & plain & matcha)
Price: 4,600 yen including tax (shipping included)
Shipping method: Frozen mail Contents: Neko Neko Bread Hinamatsuri Strawberry 1 piece, Neko Neko Bread Plain 1 piece, Neko Neko Bread Hinamatsuri Matcha 1 piece, Choco Pen 3

・ Neko Neko Bread Hinamatsuri Strawberry-flavored dough with strawberry-flavored chocolate.

・ Neko Neko Bread Plain Moisture is 100% milk, and wheat is domestically produced. Use honey, cream, butter, and mascarpone cheese as a secret ingredient. When you eat a bite, it is slightly sweet and the taste of milk spreads slowly.

・ Neko Neko Bread Hinamatsuri Matcha Bread with plenty of matcha. Accented with sweet white chocolate that enhances the deliciousness of matcha.