Limited time only "Kaki-no-tane from Kameda with Yumitsuki salt sauce flavor".

Kaki-no-tane: KAMEDA's Kaki-no-tane with YAMITSUKI Salt Sauce Flavor

On February 15, Kameda Seika will release "182g (6.42oz) Kaki-no-tane Yami Tsuki Salt Sauce Flavor 6-bag Pack", a limited time offer until the end of July. The estimated price is around 280 yen (excluding tax).

Among the limited time offerings in the "Kaki-no-tane" series, the "Shio-dare Flavor" has been requested by many customers and will be available for a limited time! The flavor of chicken and roasted garlic adds a savory aroma, creating an addictive taste that is hard to stop eating.

The crispy texture of Kameda's Kaki-no-tane and the combination of flavors make a perfect match. It is perfect for both snacks and nibbles. Please try it with your favorite beverage.

Kaki-no-tane KAMEDA YAMITSUKI Salt Sauce Flavor Product Outline

Product name "182g (6.42oz) Kaki-no-tane by Kameda, Yamitsuki Salt Sauce Flavor, 6 bags
Release date: February 15 through the end of July
Estimated price: Approximately 280 yen
Sales area Sales channel Nationwide supermarkets, etc.

Kaki-no-tane Yami Tsuki Salt Sauce Flavor is back for a limited time only! If you are interested in this product, you should check it out...and why not pick it up when you see it?