Comma tea "Tapioca Assam milk tea" and "Cheese foam comma blend milk tea"

"Comma tea" is a tea stand specializing in black tea in Ebisu, Tokyo. About 4 minutes walk from the east exit of JR Ebisu station, the comma mark is a landmark on the white-based exterior.

comma tea
White is the keynote in the store

With the brand concept of "a small comma for your day," we offer discerning drinks. You can enjoy straight tea using Ginza Rifle tea leaves, tapioca milk tea, herb soda, etc.

The lineup of adult tapioca milk teas includes "comma blended milk tea," "Assam milk tea," and "oolong milk tea." This time I chose Assam. The price is 550 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Additive-free domestic tapioca is slowly boiled and steamed, and finally soaked in sanon tou syrup to complete. Only tapioca within 4 hours after cooking is used. A lot of soft tapioca comes into your mouth from the straw.

Commerty "Tapioca Assam Milk Tea"
Mochi mochi

The powerful flavor of Assam ran through, and at the end there was a slight astringency. You can fully enjoy the flavor of tea because of its modest sweetness. You can adjust the sweetness when ordering, so it will be fun to find your favorite taste.

Commerty "Tapioca Assam Milk Tea"
Plenty of quantity

"Cheese Foam Comma Blend Milk Tea" is a cup of milk tea blended with oolong, assam, and jasmine combined with homemade cheese foam. The price is 650 yen.

Comma tea "cheese foam comma blend milk tea"
Two layers of pale shades

The refreshing aroma of jasmine matches the crisp tea flavor. The mellow taste and saltiness of the cheese foam with rock salt will melt into it. Rich but refreshing aftertaste.

Comma tea "cheese foam comma blend milk tea"
Soft and smooth mouthfeel

"Comma tea" is a place where you can take a break as if you were hitting a comma in your busy daily life. Not to mention delicious tea, there was time to relax and relax.