Caramel Ghost House "Caramel Galette"

A limited number of "Caramel Galettes" are on sale from January 8th at the caramel sweets specialty store "Caramel Ghost House". Perfect for home time tea time and gifts.

The long-awaited resale of "Caramel Galette", which has been popular since its release, is available in limited quantities in response to the voices of fans. In a crispy galette with a scent of butter, tea leaves are added to the secret flavor and boiled caramel is poured into it to create a carefully finished product. The galette, which looks like a caramel pot, is a gem that the caramel ghost is proud of.

The price is 1,555 yen (tax included, same below) for 8 pieces. The stores are Lazona Kawasaki Plaza store, Kirarina Keio Kichijoji store, and Shinjuku Mylord store.

Other products

・ Caramel Ghost House Assortment 28 pieces
Assortment of the most popular "Caramel Chocolate Cookie", "Caramel Financier" mixed with caramel, and "Caramel Galette" which is a popular winter limited item. A luxurious assorted gift that allows you to enjoy the deliciousness of caramel ghost house all at once. The price is 5,400 yen.

Caramel Ghost House Assortment 28 pieces

・ Caramel chocolate cookie
A cookie made from caramel-flavored cookies and caramel chocolate with tea leaves in 5 layers. It features a crispy texture. The price is 810 yen for 5 pieces, 1,620 yen for 10 pieces, and 2,430 yen for 15 pieces.

Caramel Ghost House "Caramel Chocolate Cookies"

・ Caramel financier
A financier that is carefully baked using fermented butter and mixed with caramel. A pinch of black tea leaves as a secret ingredient. You can enjoy the mellow scent of caramel and Earl Gray that spreads fragrantly. The price is 1,296 yen for 6 pieces and 2,592 yen for 12 pieces.

Caramel Ghost House "Caramel Financier"