Thirty One x Pokemon "Variety Pack"

"Variety packs" in collaboration with Pokemon will be sold at each Thirty One Ice Cream store. Limited time offer from January 1st to January 13th, 2021. Limited quantity, will end as soon as it runs out.

Popular Pokemon such as Pikachu and Eevee are lined up in the popular "Variety Pack" for To go. The box design is also very gorgeous in red and yellow. If you bring back your favorite ice cream (small / regular, 6/12), you will surely have a happy New Year. In addition, you will receive a "Pokemon Small Plate" as a gift when you purchase the target product including the "Variety Pack".

There are four types of Pokemon small plate designs as follows. The size is about 11 cm in diameter x about 3.5 cm in height.

Sarnori & Pikachu Hibani & Pikachu Messon & Pikachu Eevee & Pikachu

Thirty One x Pokemon "Variety Pack"

The number of items you can get depends on the item you purchased. Details are as follows.


Variety pack

Small 6 pieces 1 piece Small 12 pieces 3 pieces Regular 6 pieces 2 pieces Regular 12 pieces 4 pieces

Gift box

Small 8 pieces 2 pieces Regular 8 pieces 3 pieces

Pokemon Winter Tower

Regular 8 pieces 3 pieces

Product Summary

Product name: Variety pack Price: Small 6 pieces Reference price 1,550 yen / Small 12 pieces Reference price 2,990 yen Regular 6 pieces Reference price 2,130 yen / Regular 12 pieces Reference price 4,140 yen * All prices include tax. Some stores have different prices