Thirty One "Sanrio Characters Snow Palette"

"HAPPY ICE CREAM CHRISTMAS" will be held from November 1st to December 25th at each Thirty One Ice Cream store. There are many lineups of ice cream cakes that can be enjoyed by the family, such as "Christmas Palette 8" where you can enjoy various flavors, "Sanrio Characters Snow Palette" with a lineup of cute characters, and "Mickey & Minnie / Christmas Boots".


Christmas palette 8

Thirty One "Christmas Palette 8"

The ice cream cake is divided into 8 pieces, and you can enjoy different tastes for each piece. This year, the design is based on the image of a picture book, with a part of the story cut out. Each piece and cake film are linked, and the film under the face pieces of Santa, reindeer, and bear designs the body with a gift.

In addition to chocolate, the attachment is the first to have "frozen macaroons" on it. When you bite it, it's crispy, and the contents are moist and authentic. The flavor is a cake that can be enjoyed by multiple people, such as the popular "Winter Shortcake" in winter and the popular "Popping Shower" that contains two pieces. No. 6 size (diameter about 18.5 x height about 5 cm), price is 4,500 yen (tax included, same below).

Sanrio Characters Snow Palette

Thirty One "Sanrio Characters Snow Palette"

The first Sanrio character Christmas ice cream cake for Thirty One. Cinnamoroll, Pompompurin, Pochakko, and Hello Kitty, which are very popular among Sanrio characters, are all in the image of a scene where you can enjoy playing in the snow.

The four characters are made of chocolate, and the plump shape is cute. Hello Kitty is whipped with the image of a snowman and is expressed in volume, and the three characters in the foreground are in the "Azato Kawaii" turning pose that is popular with fans. The buttocks are the point.

The Christmas tree pick has a Sanrio silhouette on both sides. Only this product can be taken home with a Christmas limited ice pack designed by Sanrio Characters. No. 4 size (diameter about 14 x height about 5 cm), price is 3,600 yen.

Pokemon ice cream cake Christmas wreath

Thirty One "Pokemon Ice Cream Cake Christmas Wreath"

A Pokemon Christmas cake that is popular with children and adults alike. A voluminous Christmas wreath with green whipped cream and a cute ribbon with pink whipped cream. The plates of Pikachu and Eevee that make you feel like you are enjoying Christmas are sugar confectionery. The flavors are "Popping Shower" and "Strawberry Chocolate Chip". The mount and film are also Christmas designed. No. 5 size (diameter about 15.5 x height about 5 cm), price is 3,500 yen.

Mickey & Minnie / Christmas boots

Thirty One "Mickey & Minnie / Christmas Boots"

An ice cream cake with big red boots. It depicts Mickey and Minnie preparing their Christmas boots with plenty of sweets and gifts. The sugar confectionery Mickey and Minnie have a heart-warming design. Other attachments are made of chocolate. The film is a cute silhouette design by Mickey's friends. No. 5 size (diameter about 16 x height about 5 cm), price is 3,500 yen.

Christmas palette 4

Thirty One "Christmas Palette 4"

Palette 4, which is divided into four pieces, has changed the arrangement of the pieces, and the impression has changed significantly from the previous pallets 4. The design is based on the image of Santa delivering a present under the tree. The decorations and cake films have a Scandinavian taste, and the flavors are also popular, so children and adults can enjoy it. No. 4 size (diameter about 14 x height about 5 cm), price is 3,300 yen.

Christmas berry & chocolate

Thirty One "Christmas Berry & Chocolat"

Cube cake that was sold as "Christmas chocolate" until last year (2020) and was popular for Christmas with a small number of people and adults. This year, one piece will be newly released as "Christmas Berry & Chocolat", which is based on the image of the classic "shortcake".

It is finished in a luxurious design while imagining chocolate cake and shortcake. The light pink snowflakes are particular about the taste, and you can enjoy chocolate with a delicious balance of acidity and sweetness, which is made by kneading freeze-dried strawberry powder into white chocolate. The size is about 8.2 width x 16.5 length x 5 cm height. The price is 3,200 yen.

Christmas party set

Thirty One "Christmas Party Set"

A lively and cute Christmas limited set. When you open the lid of the box, Santa, reindeer, trees, etc. pop out, just like a pop-up book. The design is an image of Santa handing out presents to children, expressing an exciting Christmas night.

Comes with a snowman that you can cut out and play with, and a pick of gifts. It also comes with a color spray that you can decorate freely, a lot of picks with toys and ribbons, and stickers that you can enjoy even after eating, such as sticking them on a box. You can choose 10 small or regular ice cream flavors of your choice. The price is 3,300 yen for 10 small pieces and 4,400 yen for 10 regular pieces.

* All prices are reference prices. It depends on the store.

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