Sukiya lucky bag "SMILE BOX 2021"

Sukiya's lucky bag "SMILE BOX 2021" will be on sale at 9 o'clock on December 26th in a limited number of stores. Sales will end as soon as they are sold out. The price is 1,500 yen (tax included).

Since 2017, Sukiya has been selling great-value lucky bags containing Sukiya original goods. This year, "SMILE BOX 2021" will be released, which will make your home time more enjoyable.

The lucky bag is a set of 4 items including coupons. Based on Sukiya's "red", "Sukiya's special plate & mug" that colors the meal time with a pop design is also active in tea time. The easy-to-use "tote bag" that fits in A4 paper is a design that expresses the spirit of Sukiya and "Yokohama," the birthplace of Sukiya. The Sukiya Promotional Calendar, which is fun every time you turn it over, is a desk calendar designed with store posters that have been unfortunately rejected and never been displayed. A coupon for 1,500 yen is also included.

This year, it will be on sale from 9 o'clock on December 26th at the online shopping site "Zensho Net Store" so that you can order slowly at home. Shipping fee not included.


Price: 1,500 yen (tax included)
Set contents: Sukiya special plate & mug, tote bag, Sukiya sales promotion calendar, coupon for 1,500 yen Sales start date: December 26, 9:00 am (There are stores with different sales dates, such as stores in the shopping center)
Stores: 705 stores excluding some stores (as of December 21)
Mail order site: Zensho Net Store