Tully's Edge Bear Full

At each Tully's Coffee store, new "Fuchi Bearful" products that hang on the edges of cups and other items will be on sale. "Lease" will be released on November 11th and "Snowman" will be released on November 25th as a set with a holiday season limited drink.

The first edge bear full lease

Release date: November 11th

Target drinks are "Mascarpone Tiramisu Latte", "& TEA Ruby Chocolate & Strawberry Royal Milk Tea", and tapioca topping drinks. For all sizes.

2nd Fuchi Bearful Snowman

Tully's Edge Bear Full

Release Date: November 25th

Target drinks are "Irish Latte" (released on November 25), "& TEA Cabernet & Strawberry Tea" (released on November 25), the first target drink. For all sizes.

"Irish latte" is a latte with the motif of "Irish coffee". You can enjoy the richness of espresso and the mellow scent of charred caramel.

Tully's Irish Latte

"& TEA Cabernet & Strawberry Tea" is a fruit tea made from the juice of "Cabernet Sauvignon", a grape for red wine. In ice cream, the texture of berry pulp and fruity juice are mixed in a well-balanced manner, and you can enjoy a refreshing taste that refreshes your mood, but you can enjoy a mellow taste in hot water.

& TEA Cabernet & Strawberry Tea

Fuchi Bearful can be purchased for an additional 340 yen (excluding tax) to the target drink.

* Only sold as a set with drinks * Not sold as a single edge bear full * Pre-orders and reserves are not available * One per person can be purchased for each type