HANABAR "Flower Autumn Cream Soda" for a limited time

The flower cafe & bar " HANABAR " sells a limited-time menu "Flower Autumn Cream Soda". The price is 1,100 yen each (excluding tax). It will be available until the end of October.

"HANA BAR" is a dried flower cafe that opened in September 2017. Produced by dried flower artist Nana Yui. In addition to dried flower arrangements and store decorations, I am also involved in space design and store design, triggered by a large-scale remodeling of my own house by DIY.

This time, HANABAR's cream soda, which expresses the sentimental heart that changes from summer to autumn, will be released, "Enclosing flowers in ice with beautiful gradation".

There are two types of lineup: "Rahandel" finished with lavender, butterfly pea and lime, and "Aimatsurika" finished with jasmine, grapefruit and lemon. The sweetness of ice cream, carbonic acid, and citrus acidity mix well.

Also, all the flowers trapped in the ice are edible flowers. It is a nutritious and edible flower.