KALDI "original folding fan" gift

At each KALDI Coffee Farm store, an "original folding fan" gift campaign has been held since July 23rd. For over-the-counter or official online stores.

This is a campaign where you can get one "original folding fan" not for sale when you purchase KALDI's original coffee beans for 1,500 yen (tax included) or more. The folding fan has a cool design that makes you feel like a fish is swimming in the sea. It seems to be a big success in the hot summer.

The material of the folding fan is bamboo and polyester. The approximate size is 21 cm in total length. Due to the limited quantity, it will end as soon as it runs out.

KALDI's coffee beans include the most popular "Mild KALDI", "Rich Blend" which is recommended for cafe au lait, and "Kirimanjaro" which is characterized by high quality and sharp acidity, and has a surprisingly rich and sweet scent. A wide variety of lineups such as "Mocha French". Deep roasted "ice blends" are also popular in the summer. It might be fun to take this opportunity to try various things and find your favorite beans.