Lotte "Adult Fu-Sen no Mi [Spicy Coke]"

Lotte's "Fu-Sen no Mi" brand will release "Adult Fu-Sen no Mi [Rich Grape]" and "Adult Fu-Sen no Mi [Spicy Cola]" on August 4th. The estimated price is around 160 yen each (excluding tax).

W texture with gummy candies coming out of the gum! It is finished in a luxurious grain that is particular about the taste. Of course, the fu-sen also swells. There are two flavors, "rich grapes" and "spicy cola".

"Adult Fu-Sen no Mi [Spicy Cola]" is a gummy candy with lime juice in spicy cola flavored gum. Tailored to the taste of adult cola. 1% lime juice (raw equivalent).

"Adult Fu-Sen no Mi [Rich Grape]" has a fresh and refreshing taste with gummy candies containing grape juice in a delicious gum with a grape flavor. Grape juice 3% (raw juice equivalent).

Lotte "Adult Fu-Sen no Mi [Rich Grape]"

The nostalgic "Fusen no Mi" is now available for adults! Why don't you try "Adult Fu-Sen no Mi [Rich Grape]" and "Adult Fu-Sen no Mi [Spicy Cola]"?