Nissin Ummameshi Yukgaejang

From the "Cup Meshi" series of NISSIN FOODS, "Nissin Uma Meshi Yukgaejang" is now available. It will be released on August 3rd. The estimated price is 230 yen (excluding tax).

"NISSIN UMAMESI" is a brand that responds to the desire of people in a busy and stressful modern society, "Occasionally, I want to eat something that has a strong taste and is delicious without thinking about anything!" It is characterized by its "addictive" taste, which is created by the stimulating rich soup that permeates the rice with a plump texture.

This time, a new product based on the image of the popular Korean food "Yukkejan" will be released. The plump rice that returns in 5 minutes with hot water is combined with a rich "spicy miso soup" that combines gochujang, red miso, and white miso with beef stock.

Nissin Ummameshi Yukgaejang

The soup has sweetness and richness even in the spiciness, and the fragrant flavor and deep spiciness of the two types of roasted peppers stimulate the appetite. Also, if you add "special oil" that is based on sesame oil and beef tallow and is scented with beef tail, it will be finished in a full-fledged taste that will be addictive.

The ingredients are minced pork, oysters, green onions, and chili peppers. If you add the eggs at home, the spiciness will be milder and you can enjoy a richer and more mellow taste.