Mega House "3D Dream Arts Pen Food Sample Plus"

From the "3D Dream Arts Pen" series of Mega House, a new product "3D Dream Arts Pen Food Sample Plus" will be released in late July. The price is 3,980 yen (excluding tax).

The "3D DreamArts Pen" series is a mysterious pen that can create a three-dimensional object by solidifying gel-like ink with visible light. Since it does not use heat, even children can play safely.

"3D Dream Arts Pen Food Sample Plus" contains special pens for red, yellow, white, and green, and is a set that allows you to make miniature food samples using molds and design sheets. You can also make inks of other colors such as brown by mixing the inks according to the recipe described on the design sheet in the attached "Mixing pot".

Mega House "3D Dream Arts Pen Food Sample Plus"

If you attach the "Kamado Light Cover" to the magical light, you can quickly harden a wide area and enjoy it as if you were cooking. If you arrange using the attached "Deco film", you can finely express berries on pancakes and strawberries sandwiched between sponges, and you can make full-scale food samples. By combining series products, such as making a sample of "squid ink pasta" using a black pen (sold separately), the range of arrangements can be expanded.

The contents of the set are as follows.

One dedicated pen (red, yellow, white, green)
Magical Light 1 Mix Mix Pot 3 Mix Mix Spoon 3 Kamado Light Cover (Assembled) 1 Deco Film 1
1 3D printed part 1 design sheet 1 trace sheet 1 instruction manual