Aquarius sparkling

"Aquarius Sparkling" will be released nationwide on May 25th. A new product under the sports drink "Aquarius" brand.

Aquarius sparkling

"Aquarius Sparkling" that can be refreshed with refreshing carbonic acid while maintaining the excellent hydration of "Aquarius". It can supply the water, minerals and citric acid that the body needs. Suitable not only for exercising, but also for hydration in the hot season when it is easy to sweat, and for heat stroke measures.

In addition to the activeness that is typical of Aquarius, the package is designed to be recognized as a carbonated drink at a glance. The price is 140 yen for a 490 ml PET bottle, 130 yen for a 350 ml can, and 140 yen for a 490 ml can (excluding tax).

Nutrition facts label (per 100g (3.53oz)): Energy: 19kcal, Protein: 0g (0oz), Fat: 0g (0oz), Carbohydrate: 4.7g (0.25oz), Salt equivalent: 0.1g (0.04oz), Citric acid: 410mg

Ingredient names: sugar (fructose, sugar), Na chloride / carbonic acid, citric acid, flavor, Na citrate, K chloride, Mg sulfate, Ca lactate, antioxidant (vitamin C), sweetener (sucralose).