"Chocolate mint ball" from Takaoka
Chocolate mint balls with chocolate wrapped in candy!

Takaoka Food Industry (Takaoka) will sell a new product "Chocolate Mint Ball" made based on the questionnaire of "Chocolate you want to eat in summer" in July. A dish of chocolate wrapped in mint candy so that it is not sticky.

According to Takaoka, chocolate is easy to melt in hot weather, but since there was a voice on Twitter that they wanted to eat chocolate in the summer, a questionnaire was asked to chocolate lovers, "What kind of chocolate do you want to eat in the summer?" It was developed by conducting a survey and reflecting it.

Spherical chocolate is wrapped in candy, and each grain is candy-like twisted to achieve "melting and non-greasy" and "hands not getting dirty". The candy layer protects the chocolate inside, so it does not melt easily, and the twisted packaging allows you to put it in your mouth without touching the contents directly. The candy has a thin layer and has a light texture and can be chewed as it is with chocolate.

A stand pack with a zipper is used for the package. You can put it in a bag or a drawer of your desk to make it easier to eat little by little when you like.

The candy layer is a refreshing mint candy. Generally, chocolate mint is made by adding mint flavor to the chocolate itself, but this time the candy part of the outer layer is mint-flavored, and the refreshing mint scent spreads the moment you put it in your mouth.