Mister Donut "Taiwan Fruit Tea"

Mister Donut will release 4 kinds of "Taiwan Fruit Tea" on May 1st. The price is 540 yen each (excluding tax). The sale period is until the beginning of September (sale will end in sequence).

"Taiwan Fruit Tea" is a fruit tea supervised by "HOPE CHA", a popular tea stand in Taiwan. By shaking it about 10 times before drinking, the flavor of fruit and jasmine tea will be mellow, and you can enjoy the sweetness and acidity of fruit and the taste of jasmine tea. The lineup is as follows.

Passion fruit jasmine
The taste of Taiwanese passion fruit and fragrant jasmine tea match. The natural fruitiness of passion fruit, the unique texture, and the refreshing taste are attractive.

Pine mango jasmine
The sweetness peculiar to Taiwanese pineapple and Taiwanese mango is combined with the sourness of Taiwanese lemon. It is a dish that you can enjoy the harmony of tropical fruits and jasmine tea.

Orange Pink Grapefruit Jasmine
Orange and pink grapefruit with jasmine tea and Taiwanese honey. The refreshing taste of citrus and jasmine tea go well together, making it a perfect drink for the summer. * Please do not give to children under 1 year old because honey is used.

Mixed Berry Jasmine
Jasmine tea is combined with the deep sweetness of three types of berries: blueberry, strawberry and raspberry. It is a drink that you can enjoy the taste of berries.