Store-limited "Japanese-style steak bowl" at the legendary Sutadon restaurant
Japanese-style steak bowl at the legendary Sutadon restaurant!

The store-limited menu "Japanese-style steak bowl" is on sale at the legendary Sutadon restaurant. A cup of ribeye steak with spices such as grated radish and wasabi.

The selling price is 1,200 yen (tax included). A new menu created with the meaning of supporting people who do their best. Ribeye steak is combined with "special steak sauce" that has a refreshing taste while making the best use of the flavor of garlic with "secret garlic soy sauce", and grated radish and wasabi are also added as condiments. It comes with miso soup.

In addition, the "meat increase" service that can be used in the classic menu "Sutadon" of the legendary Sutadonya is not applicable. You can also To go, in which case you will be charged an additional 10 yen for the container. In addition to this, we also support delivery service for an additional fee.

Store-limited "Japanese-style steak bowl" at the legendary Sutadon restaurant
Supports delivery and To go

Available stores are "Koenji store", "Shibuya store", "Shimokitazawa store", "Kichijoji store", "Nakano store", "Shibuya Udagawacho store", "Chofu store", "Fuchu store", "Ikebukuro store", "National East store", and "Higashiyamato store". "Mizoguchi store" "Keisei Funabashi store" "Mina Tsudanuma store" "Dotonbori store" "Links Umeda store" "Sapporo station square store" "Sendai Nakakecho store" "Koriyama Azumi store" "Niigata station south store" "Toyama Tanakamachi store" "Fukui Development Store" "Kanazawa Okawabata Store" "Fukuoka Tenjin Store".

Some stores have shortened sales. We recommend that you check the official website for the latest information on business days and hours.