Legendary Suta Donburi "Musou Tonkotsu Beef Holsuta Don"

It was announced on the official website that a new "Musou Tonkotsu Beef Holsuta Don" will appear at the legendary Sutadonya. A cup of ribs and hormones. It will be available from January 10th. The selling price is 980 yen (tax included).

Musou Tonkotsu Beef Holsuta Don

At the legendary Sutadonya, in addition to standard menus such as "Sutadon", various limited-time menus are made, but the "Musou Tonkotsu Beef Holsutadon" prepared in the New Year is juicy ribs and " The ingredient is the "Otoro" hormone. The rich tonkotsu soy sauce sauce and garlic, which is eight times as much as the regular rice bowl, are used, and it is launched as a truly unrivaled rice bowl that can only be tasted at a rice bowl shop.

It is said that it also supports To go and delivery services. However, the price is different from eat-in. In addition, it is announced that the details of the stores that handle it will be released soon. In addition, some stores have different prices, so you are asked to contact the store you use.