Renewal of "Unajiro" by Ichimasa Kamo
Unajiro is now free of eels!

The eel kabayaki-style kamaboko "Unajiro Unajiro Long-lasting Pack" sold by Ichimasa Kamaboko will be renewed around mid-May. We will stop using the eel extract that was previously included, and devise ways to maintain the thickness and richness of the taste. A dish that fans of eel kabayaki can enjoy while preserving limited eel resources.

The suggested retail price is 361 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below). The content is 2 pieces, with dripping and Japanese pepper. You can enjoy the eel kabayaki style just by warming it in the microwave for 1 minute. A product that has been a hot topic on Twitter for a long time, focusing on the reproducibility of the fluffy texture and the firm texture of the skin. We are also reviewing the conventional version of En-eating, so please have a look if you like.

Renewal of "Unajiro" by Ichimasa Kamo
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With this renewal, in addition to becoming "eel-free", the seasoning has been reviewed. The elasticity and supple texture peculiar to kamaboko are suppressed, and the fluffy and fluffy texture that is closer to that of eel kabayaki is reproduced. You can eat rice bowls, fried eggs, and snacks.

Prior to the renewal, on April 27th, "Karikko Iwashi Unajiro Aji", a collaboration with Kamaboko's fish snack "Karikko" series, will be on sale for a limited time. The suggested retail price is 164 yen, and the content is 52g (1.83oz). The crispy texture and the sweet and sour flavor of "Unajiro" are combined with the hidden flavor of Japanese pepper.

Renewal of "Unajiro" by Ichimasa Kamo
Crispy sardine Unajiro flavor

In addition, from April 14th to April 21st, a campaign will be held to win a day of the Ox set with "Unajiro" etc. in accordance with the day of the Ox in spring. This is an opportunity to try out the new version of "Unajiro" before it goes on sale. You can apply by following the official Twitter account "@ichimasa_jp" and retweet the tweets targeted for the campaign. In addition to Unajiro, the prize is an assortment of "pure domestic 100% Datemaki pure mini" and "pure blizzard". The number of winners is 20.