Yayoiken "Unaju Set Meal", "Toku Unaju Set Meal", "Unagi Gozen".

On July 5, Yayoiken will launch "Unaju Set Meal," "Toku Unaju Set Meal," and "Unagi Gozen," which allow customers to enjoy the summer delicacy of eel in a variety of styles. The "To go Unaju" and "[To go] Toku Unaju" will also be available.

Unaju Set Meal

Yayoiken's broiled eel is grilled once, steamed, and then broiled several times with a special sauce to make it plump and fluffy. This year's unaju comes in the form of a set meal, just like Yayoiken. In addition to the free dashi soup service, you can also enjoy it in a hitsu-mabushi style. The price is 1,090 yen (tax included).

Yayoiken "Unaju Set Meal

Toku Unaju Set Meal

For those who want a fuller meal, we recommend the "Toku Unaju Set Meal," which contains twice as much eel. The price is 1,890 yen.

Yayoiken "Toku Unaju Set Meal

Eel Gozen

A set meal that includes a small bowl of four kinds of Japanese side dishes including broiled eel. Enjoy a little variety. Price: 1,490 yen.

Yayoiken "Eel Gozen

A coupon "Nandemo Pass," which allows you to eat three eel set menus for 100 yen off the regular price as many times as you like, is available on the official Yayoiken app for three days from July 22 to 24.

Yayoiken "Nandemo Pass" price

[To go] Unaju

[To go] Special Unaju

To go" Unaju (1,090 yen) and "To go" Tokunaju (1,890 yen) are available as home set menus with a choice of regular or large portions of rice for free. The "Nandemo Pass" discount does not apply to these items.

Yayoiken "[To go] Unaju" and "[To go] Toku Unaju".