Chilled cup beverage "Pablo Drinking Cheese Tart"

Toyo Beverage will release the chilled cup beverage "Pablo Drinking Cheese Tart" jointly developed with PABLO, a store specializing in freshly baked cheese tarts, on March 31st. The price is 188 yen (tax included). Limited to Lawson (excluding Natural Lawson and 100 Lawson stores).

"Pablo Drinking Cheese Tart" was developed with the concept of "If the signature sweet" Pablo Cheese Tart "becomes a drink". Like cheese tart, it has a creamy and mellow taste with a fluffy apricot scent. Using the same cream cheese used in stores as a raw material, it reproduces the rich and smooth taste.

The package is printed with a geometric pattern against the background of yellow, which is the image color used for the interior of Pablo stores and shoppers. By placing a large photo of Pablo Cheese Tart on the front, it is finished in a pop and joyful impression with impact. An image of cheese tart, in which the dough overflows from the cross section, is placed on the top lid of the product to create a sizzle.

If you like Pablo, you definitely want to drink "Pablo Drinking Cheese Tart". As it is limited to Lawson, if you are interested, check it out as soon as possible!