FamilyMart "Eating Ranch Strawberries"

FamilyMart will release "Eating Ranch Strawberries" on March 17th. The price is 202 yen (excluding tax). It will end as soon as it runs out.

When it was released in March of last year (2019), "Eating Ranch Strawberry", which was so popular that it was discontinued in just one month, is back again this year! It is an ice cream that you can enjoy the original taste of strawberries and the milk unique to the "Tabeboku" series.

The upper row is milk ice cream of "Eating Ranch Milk" that uses 50% milk, and the lower row is sweet and sour strawberry gelato with strawberry pulp. And from this year, "strawberry pulp sauce" is put on the bottom. There are 3 types of lid designs and 2 types of cow designs.

FamilyMart limited "Tabeboku" series new work "Taberu Ranch Strawberry". It's perfect for this season when it's getting warmer. How about being healed by the sweet and sour taste of strawberries, the richness of milk ice cream, and the cute packaging?