"Share BOX" in Kentucky

At each Kentucky Fried Chicken store, "Share Box" will be on sale for a limited time from March 4th to April 7th (excluding some stores). The price is 1,500 yen (tax included, same below).

"Share BOX" is a menu where you can choose from 4 types of boxes with plenty of KFC's popular chicken menu, and 2 different types in combination. If you purchase "Share Box", you can purchase "3 biscuits" or "3 potatoes (S)" for 390 yen.

The four types of boxes are as follows.

◆ Original chicken 4 pieces
We use young chickens around 38 days old that have been carefully raised at domestic KFC registered breeding farms. KFC's original certification "Chicken Specialist" has been acquired by a cook who carefully cooks at the store every day along about 20 processes. Raw chicken is seasoned with 11 kinds of herbs and spices secret from Kernel Sanders, and fried while applying pressure using a pressure cooker to make it plump and juicy.

◆ Kernel crispy 6 pieces
Boneless chicken that fries soft domestic chicken breast to a crispy texture at the store. The taste of garlic and soy sauce is addictive.

◆ Boneless Kentucky 4-piece "Original Chicken" is a chicken that can be easily eaten without bones while maintaining the deliciousness and texture of the chicken.

◆ Nugget 15 pieces
A nugget made from soft domestic chicken breast and seasoned with 11 kinds of kernel secret herbs and spices.