Mandarin oranges with kotatsu for cats "Cat, kotatsu, and memories"

Kishu plum and by and by Nakata chicken shop, which operates the net shop "chicken Nakata" of Wakayama gourmet, start tangerine with a cat-only kotatsu "and the cat, and the kotatsu, memories mandarin orange" 2020 fiscal year worth of reservation acceptance of on February 22, Will be done.

"Cat, Kotatsu, and Memories Mikan" is an original mandarin orange that was planned with the idea that there may be a mandarin orange for cat lovers because the owner liked cats.

When you open the box designed like a manuscript paper with the image of a sweet and sour light novel set in Wakayama, you will find a set of 5 kg of small and very sweet Arita oranges, Dou oranges, Amada oranges, and a cardboard kotatsu for cats. I will.

Mandarin oranges with kotatsu for cats "Cat, kotatsu, and memories"

It can be assembled without using adhesives or tools, and if you cover it with the cloth you have at home and cover it with the top plate, you will have a kotatsu for your cat! You can take pictures of cute "Kotatsu cats" with your cat.

In 2019, the 2,222 (Nyan / Nyan Nyan Nyan) boxes, including reservations, were sold out, "Cat, Kotatsu, and Memories Mikan." A part of the sales is used for protection cat activities. In addition to that 2%, a total of 220,486 yen was donated to help the underprivileged cats, including the SNS campaign where 2 yen is donated per post.

* The official release of "Cat, Kotatsu, and Memories Mikan" in 2020 will be around December 1st, and the shipment will start around December 10th.