mofusand acrylic keychain from kitan club
(Image taken from the official website)

mofusand Acrylic

Key Hol

der Kitanclub is selling a series of capsule toy "mofusand Acrylic Key Holder". There are a total of 6 types (random), priced at 400 yen (tax included) per capsule.

The "mofusand" by illustration artist Jyuuno has become an acrylic key holder with gorgeous specifications. The thick acrylic is printed with two layers of depth on the back and front, giving it a luxurious finish that makes it hard to believe it is a capsule toy. The cuteness of "TABEMONO x Nyanko" is delivered in a voluminous key ring.

mofusand acrylic keychain from kitan club

The lineup is as follows.

Fruit pizza
・ Pancake
・ Crepe
・ Ice cream
・ Parfait

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