Meiji "Large Apollo Thick Strawberry"
It ’s delicious!

From the Meiji chocolate confectionery "Apollo" brand, a new product "Large Apollo Notoro Strawberry" will be released on September 17th. The estimated price is 216 yen (tax included, same below).

This is the "Large Apollo" that appeared in commemoration of the "50th anniversary of the release" of Apollo, which was born in August 1969. Strawberry chocolate with freeze-dried strawberries and white chocolate with strawberry-derived mash are combined, and a sweet and sour strawberry sauce is trapped inside.

When you eat it, the thick strawberry sauce overflows, and you can enjoy the juicy and authentic strawberry flavor.

In addition, as commemorative products for the 50th anniversary of the release, "Apollo bag" (estimated price 410 yen), which is packed with 12 Apollo bags wrapped in a triangular bag, and "Apollo with stick" (4 bottles) that can be eaten by hand. , Estimated price 100 yen) is also available. The "Apollo bag" contains an unusual "star-shaped" Apollo "Lucky Star".