Meiji "Apollo Yogurt"
"Apollo Yogurt" is reprinted for a limited time

The two-layer type yogurt "Apollo Yogurt" that expresses the taste of Meiji's long-selling chocolate "Apollo" will be reprinted. It will be on sale for a limited time from September 28th.

Apollo yogurt
The familiar "Apollo" chocolate taste is expressed

The estimated price is 210 yen (excluding tax), and it is a set of two 70g containers. "Apollo Yogurt", which expresses the taste of Apollo known as a combination of strawberry chocolate and milk chocolate with yogurt, will be released in January. After reading the topic on SNS etc. and recording strong sales, it was decided to re-appear for a limited time.

The upper layer is a rich and refreshing strawberry yogurt, and the lower layer is a chocolate sauce with strawberry pulp, which expresses the taste and structure of Apollo chocolate. The texture of the strawberry pulp is an accent and you can enjoy it until the end without getting tired.

Meiji "Apollo Yogurt"
"Apollo-chan" is somewhere in the package

The package design is cutely finished with the strawberry motif, which is the symbol of Apollo, and the red frills on the top and bottom. There are 6 types of quizzes to search for Apollo's character "Apollo-chan", and you can play before eating. Convenient, edible size 2 pieces suitable for sharing with family and friends.