Great Thanksgiving at Beard Daddy
The source of the image is the official website

"Beard Papa's Day Great Thanksgiving Day" will be held on August 8th at each Beard Papa's store. To express our gratitude for the 20th anniversary, we held a "one-day special project" (excluding some stores).

On this day, the popular "Custard pie cream puff" will be sold at a special price of 100 yen (tax included) instead of the regular price of 170 yen (tax included). Up to 6 per person. From the 7th item, the regular price will be applied.

Great Thanksgiving at Beard Daddy
Pie cream puff

A special pie cream puff that is baked by wrapping the choux pastry in pie crust. The crispy choux pastry is filled with handmade custard cream mixed with fresh cream. The custard cream uses abundantly selected domestic eggs and milk, and vanilla beans from Madagascar. You can enjoy the exquisite sweetness and rich flavor.

You can check the "Great Thanksgiving" time at each store on Beard Papa's official website!