Re-appearing this year "Futaba Sacre Cola Flavor"

"Futaba Sacre Cola Flavor" will be released on July 16th from the shaved ice brand "Sacre", which is familiar with Futaba Foods Sacre Lemon. Sold at 7-ELEVEN stores except some stores in Tokyo, Chiba, and Kanagawa. The estimated price is 130 yen (excluding tax).

"Cola flavor", which was released last year (2018) and became a big topic, will be released this year as well. While emphasizing sourness and carbonic acidity, we are further pursuing "cola-likeness" that combines orange juice and apple juice as a secret ingredient.

With lemon slices, add cola-flavored ramune grains. The texture of the grains and the melting of the swashwa in the mouth expand the range of deliciousness. This year, we have improved the sourness and sharpness of the aftertaste to create a refreshing and refreshing taste that is perfect for the hot summer.

"Cola flavor" that Sacre fans cannot miss. The bright red package is a landmark. In addition, four flavors of lemon, azuki, orange, and melon are already on sale this season. If you see Sacrefan, why don't you pick it up?