Starbucks "Teavana Frozen Tea Fragrant Roasted Tea x Green Apple"
The green gradation is cool!

Frozen Beverage "Teavana Frozen Tea Fragrant Sencha x Green Apple", which is perfect for summer, will be on sale from June 12th at each Starbucks Coffee store (excluding some stores).

Uses ice green tea, which is Japan's original "TEAVANA tea". In addition to sencha and matcha, green perilla, Japanese pepper, and peppermint are blended as accents.

Frozen with plenty of Italian Granny Smith (green apple) compote is matched with iced tea. Kabosu paste is added to create a Japanese-style "green" flavor that goes well with green tea.

Limited time until August 29th. The price starts from 450 yen (excluding tax) for the short size.