Suntory Chu-Hi "Horoyoi [Chilled Pine]" "Horoyoi [Salt Watermelon]"
Alcohol content 3%

From the Suntory Chu-Hi "Horoyoi" brand, the limited flavors "Horoyoi [Cold Pine]" and "Horoyoi [Salt Watermelon]" that are perfect for summer will be released on July 9th. The estimated price is 141 yen each (excluding tax).

Chilled pine is characterized by the refreshing acidity and sweetness of pineapple. The package creates the mood of a summer festival by drawing fireworks in the summer night sky and pineapples on skewers.

Salted watermelon is said to enhance the refreshing sweetness by adding salt to the fresh taste of watermelon. The package is designed with a large illustration of watermelon against a light blue background reminiscent of the beach.