Legendary Sutadonya "Hungry Sutamina BBQ Bowl"
"Hungry Stamina BBQ Bowl"

I ate "Hungry Stamina BBQ Don" at the bowl chain "Legendary Stamina Taro". I thought it was a cup of meat seasoned with BBQ sauce and squeezed it with plenty of rice, and the colorful vegetables also tasted good.

The price is 980 yen (tax included). About three bowls of rice topped with warmed moyashi, onions, peppers, and paprika cut into large pieces in the image of a barbecue, and 150 g of American beef ribs are entwined in a special sauce and fried and served.

The sauce is "Specially made Stamina BBQ sauce", which is a barbecue sauce with original yakiniku sauce, ketchup, and grated garlic. Considering the compatibility with white rice, the acidity and sweetness are suppressed. As a topping, "Garibata mayonnaise", which is a combination of butter mayonnaise sauce and grated garlic, is also included.

Now, if you buy a meal ticket, give it to the shop staff, and sit down while drinking water for a while, a bowl with a solid amount will appear as expected. I imagined it was covered with meat, but surprisingly it was full of vegetables.

Legendary Sutadonya "Hungry Sutamina BBQ Bowl"
Came came

But first from the meat. The sourness and sweetness of the BBQ sauce is firmly attached, although it is said to be restrained. However, it goes well with rice. Each piece of meat is thick and big, and I'm glad that there are many.

Legendary Sutadonya "Hungry Sutamina BBQ Bowl"
Beef is thick and big

Next is paprika. It looks shiny, but the way it is cooked is exquisite. It is soft while leaving a slight chewy texture. Bell peppers too. It seems to be a very well made Chinese food. Both onions and bean sprouts have a crispy texture, but they are as strong as meat and easy to chew, so you can eat more and more.

Legendary Sutadonya "Hungry Sutamina BBQ Bowl"
Paprika tastes good

By the way, the garlic flavor of BBQ sauce is not stronger than expected, but rather the garlic mayonnaise has a stronger scent. Even if I didn't add anything, it was a balance that I wouldn't get tired of until the end, but it doesn't have a spicy taste, so if you're a spicy party, you should add the chili oil provided on the table.

Garibatama mayonnaise
Enjoy the scent of garlic here

I didn't increase the amount of meat or rice this time, but when I flattened everything, my stomach was full. It was a menu that seemed to give me a day's worth of energy with this cup.